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Basic Info

Orion Nomad:

Sandy, OR

Sandy Practices are being conducted at Meinig Park on Saturdays around Noon.

Group Information

The Nomads are a recent realm from the greater portland, OR. area, having existed in one from or another since 2004, the realm attends Western Wars regularly and hosts none of it's own events. the Realm is unique for prizing good sportsmanship, inclusion, and passion for the game over fighting skill- which, it must be said, is evident in their fighting skill.


though nomad numbers have at times been as high as 25+ regular fighters, the realm has recently thinned out to a smaller number of more committed semi-veterans.

Hazeldel Division~

  • St Ignatious H.W.
  • Sunchild H.W. Bard,

Sandy Division~

  • The Orion Nomad realm leader
  • Vohx too cool to play
  • gore wears the jedi geddup
  • Thrall realm marshal
  • Gaijin
  • Calcifer official hug distributor
  • Polk Mormon Fire
  • Gigantor Medic
  • Bjorn
  • Slate legionaire extrordinaire.
  • KYLE! The Wall
  • Cross The Man Who Fell To Earth
  • Butterscotch and Horse Thief america's sweethearts.

Practices are held EVERY saturday. 
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