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Fighter Information

Name: Noëlle

Actual Name: Katie Mack

Gender: Female

Realm: Thunder Guard

Fighting Style: Club and Sheild (on occassion- Bow and Arrows)

Fighting since: September 2011

Events Attended:

Snowball V 2011

Back Story:

There is nothing we can be certain of from Noëlle's past. Noëlle is not even her real name, but was given to her when she lived amongst the indigenous peoples of the North. It was given to her because of her love of snow and winter and her knowledge of French. She is a wanderer and has travelled across the West, never putting down roots or making any permanent ties. What we do know for certain is that when Noëlle found her way to the realm of Thunder Guard, she found a common cause with their army. For this reason she chose to stay and live and fight alongside them.

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