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New Dawn is a duchy of Southern Marches in Columbus Georgia, lead by Luinmir. They originally met at Columbus State University, where the original members of the then-realm attend classes. The original officers were chosen by a summarily simple method: they were present when making the first weapons. New Dawn became a duchy of Southern Marches at Winter's Night, 2009. After a somewhat sad turnout during 2010, they planned to revamp the Duchy in 2011, including several new members. Unfortunately, New Dawn suffered a major loss in participation after 2012. However, starting in early February, 2014, New Dawn has begun a new revival, adding several members, and enjoying record levels of participation. In 2015, Joseph Nara took over leadership after Tobia Blackthorn relocated.

Weekend Practice: Weracoba Park at Lakebottom, Field 1, at 3:00 PM

Duchy Leader: Joseph Nara

Duchy Council: Joseph Nara, Varro, Sir Broc, Barret, Nexus

Other Members: Tobia Blackthorn, Peanut, Nel, Shaun, Justin Swartz, Oboro, Allred, Loran Shaver, Austin, Thoth del Rune

Honorary Members: Piper, Redow


Banner Meaning: The realm is formed where there was once already a realm, thus the name New Dawn was chosen as an homage to the former realm of Twin Moons. The golden central sun on a red background symbolizes this rebirth of Belegarth in the city of Columbus, Georgia. The twin gold moons are a tribute of sorts to the former realm that New Dawn rose to replace.

Alternative Rules: While New Dawn currently fights with no rule changes from the Book of War, they do interpret the rule regarding the appearance of armor with much more scrutiny. Furthermore, all new members must first start out with a blue sword until leadership or officers decide that the person understands the rules well enough to use potentially more dangerous weapons such as reds.

Please Note: Since Southern Marches has moved to Dagorhir, New Dawn has as well, by extension.

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