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Natchdolf Black White.jpg

Titles: Chieftain of the Carrion crusade

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board / Red Sword / Florentine

Actual Name: Jason

Gender: Male

Realm: Thunder Guard

Unit: Carrion crusade

Skills: Weapon / Shield Foam-Smith and Cover Tailor

Fighter History:

July 2008 Joined Thunder Guard

August 2008 Became a Probationer to the Carrion Crusade

September 2008 Promoted to Serf within the Carrion Crusade

May 2009 Promoted to Warrior within the Carrion Crusade

May 2009 Earned the Combat rank Lesser Hunter 1st Class

June 2009 Earned the Combat rank Hunter 1st Class

July 2009 Placed 1st in Red Competition - Carrion Crusade 1st Tournament 09

July 2009 Promoted to Chieftain within the Carrion Crusade

July 2009 Earned the Combat rank Stalker 1st Class

Backstory: Chapter 1 - ORIGINS

Conceived by Demons in a strike of lightning and raised by Nature alone. I am NATCHDOLF! Immortal by all account with a secret only the dead whisper.

My earliest memories are those with some of fiercest and battle-hardened Warriors of History. I remember the Tribes of the Norse, Saxons, Celts, Sarmatians and Huns. Barbarians and Vikings all. From them, I learned what it meant to “Live and Die by the Blade”. I have fought countless battles and wars, some lost, many won. Including those with Attila of the Huns. Though, time moved on, land and history changed, and a sense of wanderlust began to set in. Into the ways of Fharlanghn, the God of Travel I took to wondering the World, and I traveled. I found myself in Asia, and into China. There I spent time with Shaolin Monks and in Japan I learned the ways of the Samurai and Bushido. Again, growing restless I set foot back into Europe and found my way into Wallachia at the time Vlad Dracula earned his name the Impaler. Leaving that bloody landscape and about 200 years of travel, I found myself in a New World. I traveled far north in this New World and found a land that I have came to call Home. A land that was named Canada. And there a Realm of interest had risen. The Realm called Thunder Guard was said to have claim to many Brave Warriors. Warriors, that could be compared to those Mighty Barbarians of Old. So, once again, I picked up my sword and I searched for the renowned Warriors of Thunder Guard. To fight along side them, to test their skill and metal.

Backstory: Chapter 2 - AWAKENING

A grassy hill surrounded by forest and trees, I stand. Its dark as night though it’s barely mid day, the clouds are ominous and heavy. Heaven and Hell shout out in unison and the earth trembles down to its foundations. The Storm rages in, tearing the land apart as thunder bellows and lightning strikes. Fire erupts a blazing inferno, wind crushes the trees as the lighting shatters the ground. The sky flashes, illuminating Demons of Air and Fire. My world turns to a torrent tornado of chaos as the wind howls, thunder roars, and the storm rains earth upon me. Out of the chaos, a calming sensation, and I know what I am to do.

In the middle of a crater that was recently a hill, I stand with calm. Merely battered and bruised, where no others could survive. Not beaten nor broken, I stand defiant and proudly don the colours of the Carrion crusade.

Natchdolf aka Jason.jpg Natchdolf 02.jpg Natchdolf 04.JPG

Natchdolf became a Warrior of the Thunder Guard Realm July 2008

- Created the Thunder Guard Crafters Guild March 2009 - Disbanded the Thunder Guard Crafters Guild May 2011
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