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An artistic portrayal of the ancient fortress of Nargothrond



The realm of Nargothrond [[1]] [[2]] was once a glorious underground fortress which was later sacked by the first of Dragons, Glaurung [[3]] and his army of Orcs. Covered by an ancient sea the lengendary stronghold was lost to the sands of time. Once again this savage land has been plunged into battle as a Western Uruk-Hai [[4]] traveled through the burnt landscape and settled the dark halls within the mountains. Here the rally of goblins, trolls, dark elves, orcs, and other foul creatures unite under one banner. Reclaiming lost heraldry this new force is rising, bent on domination or death.

Burnt landscape of Nargothrond


The Hidden

Foz Bonecrusher; Orc Chieftain

Elin Coldblood; Goblin Princess Ravanger

Lippit Chudbane; Bugbear Grunt

Glooooooop Glop; Orgre Grunt

Hera Hearteater; Bandit Grunt

Bindlevoon Thundershot; Vagabond Grunt

We are a fledgling unit of Belegarth started on the cusp of 13th year, Second Millenium. Our group contains 12-15 fighters who practice biweekly in Carlsbad, NM. We are currently holding fighter practice Fridays 7pm across from the tennis courts near the beach. We are using the park area along the Pecos River and parking is available at the boat launch or at tennis courts.

Banner of Nargothrond


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Pete Amachree - Assault on Nargothrond.jpg

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