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Mythbôrné Heraldry

"Mythbôrné: Heroes of Myth and Lore to save and defend all good and peaceable races be they humanoid, myth, or monster.”


Biography of Company

This story starts a long time ago. With the three most unlikely friends, a hunted Dragon-kin, a rogue Nekomata, and One reborn of Ice. They traveled far and wide viewing the world noticing the hatred brought to those deemed unnatural. Goblins, orcs, dragon-kin, all that weren't elves, humans, or dwarves seemed to be treated as lowly beings. Disgusted with the way many were treated the three formed a mercenary guild as a safe haven for such beings.

All were equal, all were the same, all were family. Eventually they settled in the lower Siberian mountains, forming a stronghold for all to come and stay. Many brought fantastical tales from across the lands. So this simple group of three grew into an ever expanding family who would share stories. Down the line the first dragon-kin left and has not returned, but has been writing to let all know of his travels and safety.

The Nekomata shall remain unnamed due to leaving to slander this safe haven of all creatures. Years passed and the lore slowly molded and changed due to all stories being simply verbal. Until one goblin, Lardex of many titles, arrived at the stronghold at dragons hollow. He suggested taking on the task of writing all lore and myths into great books for all Mythbôrné to read. He crafted a language specifically for Mythbôrné and gave it to the One Reborn of Ice. She humbly thanked him and allowed him to start writing all lore into the great books.

This, is the story of Mythbôrné, the beginning but not the end. Lore shall continue to gather. The books shall continue to fill. And all misfits and myths shall always be welcome.


Legends (Founders):

  • Kimiko Nekomatabôrné- KatZ-Status altered

Myths By Rank (Current Members):


High Sages


High Scrollkeepers


Master Scribes


Full Myth


  • Emeric (Recruited by Kargaroth)

Rumors (Hopefuls):

  • Muber (Recruited by Oscion)
  • Nacho (Recruited by Oscion)


~Kimiko Nekomatabôrné KatZ (Founder)-Status Current


Empire of the Wolf- Associated: Prinz Bodvar

Squire Santiago Havain of The Free Lances, Leader of The Ozarks

Jonen Azura

Orders Within Mythborne

Order of the Rose (Est 2014) Currently Defunct

Master(s) of the Order:



Order of Fire and Web (Est 2015) A/S Crafting

Master(s) of the Order:

Feraahv-yi Dryadbôrné


Order of the Iron Glove (est 2018) Weapons and Armor Crafting

Master(s) of the Order

Gerson Winterborne


Order of the Scroll and Scout (est 2019) History and Lore Keepers

Masters of the Order


~Sect of the Tablet and Chisel~


~Sect of the Ink and Feather~

Followers: Scout General Feraahv-yi

Oath of Mythbôrné

Translated to Common/Modern English From Olde Turkish /Mythe

"Mythbôrné are warriors, mages, monks, merchants, and devoted non-combatants who serve all goodly peaceable races, be they humanoid, myth,or monster. Their Purpose: To defend the weak, to represent the misunderstood, and bring the unwieldy to peace. Mythbôrné stands for the betterment of all goodly races.

Pertaining to this Oath, the undersigned, individually, will be hereby referred to as "I".

I agree to this guide of life and method: to never act in haste, unless the evidence present proves life saving; all arguments require thoughtful discussion, not hot-tempered warring; never to take arms against their Brothers or Sisters of the Oath. To the consequence, if I should breach this contract of trust, I shall be dishonored and stripped of title, shamed from ever rejoining. Dishonored status shall be placed, by the agreement of the Leader(s) of Mythbôrné and all currently active members, upon my name, and struck through on this Document forevermore.

I swear fealty to the Current Leader(s) of Mythbôrné, to the Code of Mythbôrné, and to the defense of innocent beings. I pledge troth, by all I hold true and dear, that I will faithfully perform my duties as a member of Mythbôrné, or greater responsibilities lain upon me by station, rank, or role in Mythbôrné, and carry myself in daily life as a representative of Mythbôrné with all the Sincerity, Courage, Honor, Benevolence, Loyalty, Self Control, and Respect for my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Oath expected of me.

I swear by my honor, if I perceive or gain knowledge of activity to interfere with a society or Nation for personal gain by a Brother or Sister of the Oath, to overthrow the current leadership of Mythbôrné, or one of it's members' plans to negatively affect an Oath Brother or Oath Sister, I am to bring this information to necessary authorities, including but not limited to the current leadership of Mythbôrné.

By my signature, I signify my willing pledge of loyalty to the above Oath, aforementioned the Oath of Mythbôrné."


Other Roles in the Order

Voice of Reason: Feraahv-Yi Dryadborne

Voice of Passion: Rasheed Angelborne

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