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Name: Mughi Kurelkeskal(MOOG-hee KURR-el-KESS-kahl)

Me winning local tourney, 2010

Actual Name: Michael Emmons

Gender: Male

Realm: Malkier

Fighting Style: Sword and Shield

Mughi is a foamsmith for Malkier. He helped Malkier's creation in 2010, and was saddened by it's destruction in October 2010. Crossgaming into SCA Heavy, he learned to hit majorly-excessively-hugely too hard, and aim for the head, just in time for Malkier to be ressurected in May of 2011. He now puts his full energy into Belegarth once more.

Mughi began fighting on March 4th, 2010

Backstory: Dwarf metalsmith apprentice and brewer. Inventor of "Mughi's Extra Strength Sloppy Drunk Drinky Juice", "Jägermüger", "Beardohol", "Special Select Grade Piss", and "Vermin-Vile Barrel Bile". WARNING: Do not drink unless Dwarf.

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