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Molon Labe is a belegarth realm located in Rhinelander Wisconsin.

Membership Info

House Archon

  • Nosferatu

Realm Foamsmith

  • Knasende


  • Talon
  • Ajax
  • Tyr
  • Spyder
  • Bacdul
  • Flower
  • Chase
  • Dirty Dan
  • Eir
  • Siege
  • Sarah
  • Connor

Total members: 13 (as of 5/10/20)

Average members at practice: TBD

Becoming a Member

Entrance requirements are:

  • Signing a waiver
  • Regular attendance of practice

Practice Info


Every Monday or Tuesday at one of the local parks. Day and location subject to change depending on group schedules.


No arrangements for winter practice as of yet.


Some weapons will be provided by the realm, but you are encouraged to attempt to craft your own. Otherwise weapons are available for commission from the realm foamsmiths, or online.

Weapons Training

It is advised, if this is your first time doing Belegarth, that you start out with blue weapons and work your way up the ladder, more information on weapons and the weapons class system can be found here on the wiki at:

If you are experienced with Belegarth or a similar group such as Dagorhir, you can start out using what you are most familiar with.


Garb rules will be a little more lax on weekly training days, but necessary at events. Garb will not be provided by the realm, as you are encouraged to make your own clothes and armor, otherwise you can commission some from the realm Foamsmiths or purchase some online.

Contact Us

You reach the realm leaders at:

Join our Discord

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