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The Prettiest.

Full Name: Jeckyllmint Quintinius Stoutbrew

Realm: Sand Plains

Unit: Initiate of the Sons of Sylas

Race:Hobbit, apparently...

Fighting Since: September 2010

Likes to kill people with: Spear, Archery, Tactical Frivolity


Mint began fighting in the fall of 2010 whilst attending UW Stevens Point. Early on, he developed a strong interest in making weapons, and produced some of the first passing flails and stabbing swords Sand Plains had seen. At his first event, Wolfpack Opener 2011, he earned his name after getting his signature gag weapon passed (and actually killing someone with it!). As his foamsmithing skills improved, Mint's realmmates starting commissioning weapons from him, and today you're likely to find many a Sand Person happily wielding their "MinTech" weaponry. Mint was elected Quartermaster in the spring of 2011.

Despite being admittedly much better at smithing than fighting, Mint still loves fighting regardless, and always likes to fight as many people as he can, whenever he can (even if means dying 90% of the time!).


Creator & wielder of Lollichop

Usually sleeps in a hammock at events.

Will probably make you a sandwich if you ask nicely.

Sir Caida of the Knights of Wildwood

Herald of the Trash King

Oktoberfest 2017 Trade-Off Champion

Major Events Attended:

Wolfpack Opener '11 '12 '13 '14 '15 '16

Spring Wars '11 '14 '15

Oktoberfest '11 '12 '15 '16 '17

Armageddon '12 '13 '14 '16 '17

Chaos Wars XX, XI

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