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The Militia


Founded: 2000

Total Members: 45-50

Attendance: Unknown

Practices: Varies on location, see their website for details.


The Militia was founded in the the year 2000. The decision was originally made to support the leading realm in the state at the time, the Northlands. Hence the name Northlands Militia.

Leadership for the unit in the beginning was questionable. Togo, the creator of the unit turned down leadership in the beginning. Gork, one of the first members of the unit; took command. After the first few months, leadership changed hands and Togo took command of the Northlands Militia. After the Northlands Crown War in 2002, the Northlands Militia became independant after deciding to disconnect themselves from the influence of the Triad. Since then the Militia has grown, groups from Michigan, Ohio, British Columbia, Illinois, and Kentucky have joined under the black banner. The Militia continues to grow today with with a steady flow of active members after changing to a new "Quality over Quantity" doctrine. They are always accepting new members.

The main strength of the Militia comes from their diversity, becoming a melting pot of members with experience based on realms in their area of the country.

While the Militia is not a registered Belegarth Realm, they have attended two Oktoberfests and one Spring War and enjoyed themselves.


Splinter Groups

  • Multiple Divisions spanning the continent

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