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Name: Lyudamyla

Actual Name: Tabitha

Gender: Female

Realm: None at this time

Unit: Petitioner to Clan of the Hydra

Army: Northern alliance

Fighting Style: Sword & Board, Archer

Events: Octoberfest 2008, 2009, 2010

Phoenix Rising 2009

Snowball III, IV

Armageddon IX, Armageddon XI

Rhun Closer 2010

Giants Awakening I, Giants Awakening II

Spring Wars 2011

Chill, Kill & Grill 2013

Lyudamyla started fighting in the fall of 2007 in the realm of Thunder Guard. She is often referred to as "Ludi", because honestly, who wants to say the full name.

She used to love to fight with a puppy covered club.

Apparently ALL her weapons hit too hard...


Lyudamyla arching in the carrion crusade tourney.

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