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Old belt flag and logo(Bleep)

General Information

Mottos: “Why so serious” “No Drama” “This is fun!”

Jesters share a common mission of enjoying their time, and contributing their creative crafts and talents to Belegarth. Membership currently spans across the Babylon empire. Long term goals currently include finding more like minded fighters and non combatants to enjoy their time with.

Unit Symbol: The old unit symbol was worked on and decided upon by all founding members of the Jesters. The official unit colors are purple and green. each member is encouraged to incorporate the colors in to their grab in some fashion.



-Genral members-

Jesters & Allies

Jesters participate in votes on apprenticing members, and wear a green and purple belt flag. Majority votes tend to decide changes to roster, charter, or whatever else needs changed. The founding members retain the power as the founders and benevolent dictators to give final approval or veto to significant decisions. Founding the Jesters at Western Wars 2012 were the three.

Allies are welcome to fight and serve alongside the Jesters in pursuit of having fun. The Jesters seeks to recruit new members who are interested in having fun in the sport of Belegarth.

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