Inspecting Class 3 Weapons

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From the Book of War

  • 1.4.3. Class 3 - All Class 3 Weapons must conform to the following:
    • If the Weapon is Class 3 only, it has no weight restriction.
    • The maximum handle length for Class 3 Weapons is 2/3 of its overall length.
    • May not have a yellow cover.

How to check Class 3 weapons

  • 1. Measure and weigh the weapon. If it does not conform to the rules listed above, the weapon fails. See Weighing Weapons.
  • 2. Feel along the striking surface, checking for soft parts of the foam, called a sweet spot. Feel for breaks, rips, or core.
  • 3. Gently try and twist the striking surface near the tip to make sure that the foam is secure to the core. Don't twist too hard, or you may damage the weapon.
  • 4. Feel along the haft padding to make sure you cannot feel core. Pay special attention to the tip of the sword. DO NOT DIG YOUR THUMB INTO THE FLAT OR HAFT PADDING LOOKING FOR CORE!
  • 5. Check the pommel to make sure that you cannot feel core. Bounce the pommel off a hard surface, such as a table, and listen for a hard sound. If it bounces back, it is safe.
  • 6. Check for Flex. See Checking Weapon Flex.
  • 7. Stab the weapon into another weapon checker's back. Give them a light hit first, then medium, the hard. Ask in between stabs to make sure the weapon checker wants to continue. It is possible to fail the weapon based on a medium stab.
  • 8. This weapon may also be striking (class 1/2). Please refer to the section on Inspecting Class 1 Weapons or Inspecting Class 2 Weapons, where applicable.
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