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Needs updating to reflect Belegarth lore, rather than D&D.

One-eyed god of orcs; his eye was put out by the god of the elves (whose name will not pollute this entry). The Lore of Gruumsh is all important.

Other Names: One-Eye, He Who Never Sleeps, the One-Eyed God, He Who Watches

Gruumsh, also known as Gruumsh One-Eye, is the patron deity of Orcs, who regard him as the god of Conquest, Survival, Strength, and Territory. His symbol is an empty eye socket, or his missing unwinking eye.


Gruumsh appears as a powerful orc with one eye. A figure of fury and driven cruelty, Gruumsh rules his realm with brute power. His favored weapon is the spear.


As orcs that are not Priest, Shaman, or adepts are forbidden to speak his name, Gruumsh is also known as "One-Eye," "The One-Eyed God," "He-Who-Never-Sleeps," and "He-Who-Watches."

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