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Status: Active
Location: Cleburne, Texas
Year Founded: June 6, 2015
Last Wiki Update: June 12, 2015



  • Location: Buddy Stewart Park
  • 'Time and Day': First Saturday of the month at Noon. This is temporary until we can get a schedule going. Please email for details.
  • Requirements: As of right now, we encourage anyone who is interested to come see what we are about. Currently, the only stipulations we have is 16 & 17 year olds must have a signed parental waiver before they are allowed fight. We have a charter in development, and we expect to have it ratified in the near future.


  • Members: 6
  • Average at practice: 5
  • Units Represented
    • Order of the Rose


It's been over a decade since our group has fought together. We weren't Belegarth then, we were Amtgard. However, as we slowly came back together over the years, we decided the Belegarth venue was one that catered more to our thirst for blood sans the magic. So, while our camp is new, our experience is vast. We look forward to that experience being tested in the future.

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