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This is a good scenario for when it's cold out and you need to get the blood moving. It is well suited to a smaller group, but you can adjust it for larger groups. The game begins with one goblin king, and everyone else is a goblin. Goblins may only use single blues, while the goblin king may use any weapon or combination of weapons. The game begins when the king yells aloud, "I am the King!" Then the goblins reply with, "Long live the king!" This is shortly followed by a resounding cry of "Kill the King!" this is effectively the same as 'lay-on', and there is a mad rush at the king. as soon as the king dies, he falls to the ground and cries, "The King is Dead!" Whichever Goblin slew the king becomes the new king, and may choose a new weapon set. They then call out, "I am the King!" and the process is repeated.

for very small groups, it might make sense to only allow the king a red weapon or slightly larger blue weapon. for larger groups, there are a variety of ways to give the king a little more advantage. Optionally, the king can be given one or more points of Stoneskin or, the the goblins can die from one hit to any legal target. For very large groups you can even give the king the option to choose one or more teammates. The object of the game is for the king to lose pretty quickly, and for the battle to be fast-paced and chaotic with a high turnover rate for kings.

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