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Four Horsemen Battle


The four Horsemen of the apocalypse have risen, and are prepared to take the world again into the dark ages. The only thing standing between them and domination is a band of determined local militia, who probably don't stand a chance.


Players: 10-25 (For fewer numbers use these Four Horsemen variant rules)
Regen: Skeletons, if any in play, may be resurrected by any of the Horsemen by contact and a count of 3..2..1..ALIVE!
Teams: 1 Team consisting of the 4 Horsemen, and one team of at least 6 militia. If your group is larger, extra players can be given to the horsemen as skeletons. At max, the battle may be played with 1 team of 4 horsemen and 6 skeletons, and a team of 15 militia. After that, play testing as proven the horsemen too easily defeated.
How to Play: A simple team battle. The militia must defeat the horsemen to save the world from the apocalypse. For the abilities of the Horsemen, see "Classes" below.


The Horsemen

When militia try to strike Famine, they suddenly feel weakened and their hits seem to do less damage
Famine has full body armor.

He thrives where you fail. He takes what you give. An Eye, For An Eye.
Death regenerates a limb for every limb he takes from an enemy. When he scores a kill he regenerates all limbs lost.

His weapon bears disease and plague. A mere touch is all that is needed to feel its sting.
Pestilence has plague weapon. A touch from his weapon, no matter how light or grazing causes a point of damage.

His strikes are more powerful than that of ten men combined. With ease he destroys all that is in his path.
War chooses any one weapon he carries to be a red weapon, which must only strike with enough force for its class of weapon. He may not choose class 3 or class 4 weapons for this ability.



Skeletons are minions of the Horsemen. They are not hindered in their fighting abilities or in cognitive thought, such as zombies, but they may not run and may not use projectiles. They may be resurrected by any of the Horsemen by a "3..2..1..ALIVE!" count.
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