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There are 3 variants of escape but they all have the basic objective of getting from one 10' rope circle to another across the field.

Fighters: The more the merrier, but works well for small groups as well.
Regen: None, except between rounds in bulldog, (see below.)

Bulldog Escape

Teams: 20% of the fighters are guards, the rest are prisoners.
Equipment: Guards get any weapons they want. Prisoners are single blue.
Rules: All prisoners start in one circle, once Lay On is called they have to run to the other circle. Prisoners are invulnerable inside the circles, but may not leave or attack once they have reached the second circle. Once all prisoners are dead or through a new round starts with any limbs lost in the previous round returned and all the guards alive again. The game is over when either all guards are killed in a single round, (surviving prisoners win), only one prisoner makes it to the final circle, (that prisoner wins), or no prisoners make it to the final circle, (guards win.)
Optional: This can be played with Warlord rules meaning if a guard dies the next round he is a prisoner and if a prisoner dies the next round he is a guard, (with or without a forced weapon swap to match their new team's weapon restrictions.)

Royal Escape

Teams: 20% of the fighters are guards, 1 is a Royal the rest are rescuers.
Equipment: Guards get any weapons they want. Rescuers are single blue. Royal is unarmed.
Rules: The royal starts in one circle, the rescuers start 15 paces away in any direction they want, (can be grouped or spread out.) The guards start near the royal. The rescuers have to tag the royal before he or she is allowed to leave the starting circle. The royal then runs to the other circle to win the game for both the rescuers and themselves. The guards try to stop this by killing the royal, or if he/she hasn't been tagged yet, kill all the rescuers. The royal does not need to leave the starting circle once tagged and remains invulnerable as long as they stay in it, but once they leave re-entering does not make them invulnerable again.
Note: Even though the royal is unarmed they may still grapple with the guards, (even before being tagged making the guard easier for a rescuer to kill.) Normally the royal does not count armor and cannot have a shield, but these rules are both optional.


Teams: 40% of the fighters are assassins, 1 is a Royal the rest are bodyguards.
Equipment: Royal is unarmed, everyone else gets any weapons they want.
Rules: The royal starts in one circle surrounded by their bodyguards. Once Lay On is called the royal tries to make it to the other circle. The assassins start half way between the circles. Once the royal enters the final circle the bodyguards win, if the royal dies the assassins win.

  • The royal may only walk or crawl, not run, (but may be carried at a running pace by bodyguards.)
  • The assassins are not allowed shields and the bodyguards must use a single handed weapon and shield.
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