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Realm Information

Realm Symbol

Realm Name: Eryndor
Official location: Monroe, Michigan
Membership: Approx. 150+
Founded: 2002
Founded in Belegarth: May 1, 2021
Event Season Info: March to November

Realm History

Eryndor is a realm situated in southwest Michigan and northwest Ohio created in 2002. Eryndor’s storyline started on The Continent, a large and varied place that can accommodate nearly any type of character. Common character archetypes include disenfranchised Elves, crusaders from the ravaged Everledden forest, disciplined Hithdorian soldiers, Vikings from the frigid isle of Dugar, desert warriors, amoral pirates, disciples of the death druid Raak, and followers of Maegamarth. The old storyline was focused on Maegamarth, an evil sorcerer who tried to reclaim his fearsome powers, and the forces of good allied against him. Now the realm is working to rebuild their homes and explore new territory.

Local Rules Variants

Coming soon

Units In Eryndor

  • Fury of the Called
  • Imperial Guard
  • Senegal's Finest
  • Fallen Moon Accord
  • Tuathe Dé Danann

Realm Social Media

Website: Eryndor Belegarth
Facebook: Eryndor Facebook

Realm Leadership Contact Information

  • Gurney (President)
  • Ar-Thon (Vice President)
  • Khadar Kalika (Treasurer)
  • Atalan (Coordinator)
  • Moth (Magistrate)

All reachable via Facebook

Map of the Content

Realm Map
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