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Fighter name: Duric Lester, son of Weiglaf

Real name: Kyle

Location: Tillsonburg, ON

Realm: Malkier

Race: Half-dwarf

Fighting styles: Sword and Shield. Any kind of axe. And a big hammer


Duric Lester joined Malkier in the spring of 2015. Long awaiting the opportunity to fight likewise individuals in sword and shield combat, Duric drives from Tillsonburg to London every week to fight in Malkier. Duric is a viking berserker. Biting shields and taking names. Duric is a practicing foam smith for Malkier, experimenting with weapon styles and techniques to increase the amount of foam (and not just the foam of his mouth!) fighting abilities for his realm mates.

An insert from Duric himself Rage. Rage is what gives us strength. But purpose is what gives us aim, points us to a target. Without a purpose rage is just wild destruction. I knew that destruction for far too long, to many times did battle lust consume me, and I would be lost to the red fury of battle. But then I found Malkier, and I was granted purpose. From my Shan'do, my honoured teacher, I am trained to harness my fury and rage. I was given a purpose. Honour the Realm. Bring it glory. Protect your shield-sibblings. These are what I shall do, and I shall use my strength for them. Zin-al-Malkier.


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