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NAME: Dralle


ACTUAL NAME: Matthew Ellard

REALM: Thunder Guard

UNIT: Order of the Rose

FIGHTING STYLE: Sword and Board, Red, Archer

Joined Thunder Guard the summer of 2008 and soon after petitioned to join The Order of the Rose. Has attended Octoberfest 2008, 2009, Snowball 2009, and Phoenix Rising 2009 with Thunder Guard and is a regular attendee at pratices.


Born and raised in a small village in the harsh climate of the mountain ranges to the north, Dralle learned to become hardy and self-sufficient under the tutelage of his elders. Together with his brother Graven he looked forward to a happy life carrying on the way of living his ancestors had passed down to him. That all ended for the young boy when the missionaries and soldiers came.

With the village quickly converted to foreign religion and the customs of another society taking the place of tradition Dralle's mind began to wonder what was out there and whether perhaps there was a place for him there. When the recruiters came Dralle joined the army and travelled to a place he never dreamed of where he began his training in war and his indoctrination to the new society he had become a part of.

After training he was sent to the realm of Thunder Guard and quickly found acceptance in The Order of the Rose. He now fights alongside his new comrades and dreams of even more amazing things to come.

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