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The Serpent of Neldoreth


Practice Location

City/State: Evansville, IN

Place: Wesselman's Park

Time: Saturdays at 2PM

Contacting Dol Guldur

Evansville Fangorn Forest Dagorhir and Dol Guldur Belegarth


Typically at practice: 15-20

Participating members: 20-30

Units within Dol Guldur

  • The Skavens
  • Spectre Mercenary Company
  • Wench Patrol

Realm Council

  • Squire Dimoon Darrkcreek - Realm Leader
  • John Killian - Officer
  • Chin - Officer
  • Austin Chamlee - Officer

Notable Points

  • Symbol can be easily transformed into Trogdor
  • Conveniently located in the middle of many realms
  • Our practices usually turn into Mongolian Wrestling Tournaments

Dol Guldur’s History

Kran came forth into a forest, far to the east of his known lands. The land was empty of any humanoid from his knowledge. Kran had a troop of his most loyal and trusted men, they were sent to form a new place for him and his followers. Kran was exiled from his home in Pheloria to the west and now was sent to settle a new land for his people. Necromancy had been banned for several years and when Krans power began to threaten the Council of Magic, his life was thrown into peril. Hunted by the King Keloran II for the past several years, he was hidden from the outside world living the sewers and caves outside of his home.

After the initial founding of his new capital Zalur (Named after Krans father) he moved south into a deep forest realm. This territory was named Neldoreth, home to a small group of Elves, lead by the Elven Lord Cirindale. Kran, whom wasn’t an evil man himself but was declared so by his homeland, spoke to Cirindale about the founding of a city in the area. Cirindale agreed to form an allegiance with Kran and form an outpost to protect the capital in case of an invasion from the South. That invasion was about to occur.

Pheloria now lead by King Bakan formed an army to take over the newly formed lands to the east. Bakan formed a large navy to directly attack the shores of Zalu’Kran, which had only been around for 6 years at this time. Kran still forming an army and trying to build everything required to house his people and the army. Kran began to appoint generals to lead his army while he was leading his people. The first to be appointed was Drakoos, who was the lead an army to the western shores and slow down the invading forces of Bakan.

The Elven Lord Cirindale agreed to help Kran and sent a small force of Elves to help Drakoos in the first defense of their homeland. Drakoos commanded his forces perfectly and Bakans army couldn’t even penetrate into the heart of Zalu’Kran. Defeated on the shores, Bakan retreated back to Pheloria.

Cirindale then realized the potential of Kran and how it may hurt the Elves and left Zalu’Kran and begin his journey back home. The town was left desolate and was to remain so for several years.

Another invading force into Zalu’Kran was created 58 years later, lead by Bakan’s son Gelforn, he created a large army and sent it to the far south of Zalu’Kran. They began a force moving upwards towards the capital and without the defense of Cirindale’s Elves there was almost no warning when the masses of Gelforns army marched into the Plains of Ash. Carrying the flag of Pheloria he marched northward only a few miles south of Zalur he camped. At this time, a general appointed by Drakoos (now Emperor) was sent to slaughter the forces of Gelforn. The battle lasted only a few hours and it was considered neutral and Gelforn’s army retreated back into Neldoreth. They began to rebuild what was left of Cirindale’s small city.

Once the creation, of this new “village” Pheloria had a foothold in the southern fourth of Zalu’Kran. Soon after, a few Greenskins arrived into Zalu’Kran and to help cut off the remaining forces of Gelforn and to watch if more were to arrive. Thus this force created Grush’Nakh outpost of the Bloody Sun Boyz. This outpost was to serve has a home to the monsters and holds a very prominent role in the area.

Gelforn’s forces formed the village of Matira where the forces of good could keep an eye out for evil. The town used to have many great warriors but the numbers have dwindled with the years. It only contains a small militia and the town is now riddled with the elderly and young kids.

The Serpent

The town of Matira held close a legend of a Serpent whom protected the city and a nearby lake. Many encounters of such a mythical beast has caused many of the residents of the town to take on the belief it wards off evil spirits. The monsters in the area have also found that the beast does not do this, but rather protects lake of any intruder.

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