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Derilith is a small group based in DeKalb, Illinois who claims Dunharrow as their realm. Originally, Derilith was known as ClanBOB from the hit webcomic Life of Riley, and existed exclusively as a fighting community in the realm of Dunharrow. In 2004, however, ClanBOB decided to become a competitive unit, and changed their name to Derilith to reflect the change in attitude and goals.

Members of Derilith wear a tabard of black with red trim, and a grey diagonal stripe from left shoulder to right hip.

Since then, Derilith has continued to grow in their area and made their first national event debut at Oktoberfest 2005 with two members. Spring Wars 2006 marks their first national event debut in full force.

The full information and history of ClanBOB and Derilith can be found at their website here.

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