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The main objective in Belegarth is the "kill" your opponent.


  • A disabled Body causes Death.
  • A disabled Head causes Death.
  • Two disabled limb Target Areas (Arms and/or Legs) cause Death. Limbs injured with Class 3 and Class 4 Weapons do not count towards this total.

  • 3.4.2. All Injury effects must be accurately portrayed and reported.
    • Death – Lay down immediately. Do not move unless instructed by a Marshal.


Many people do not abide by rule, putting their weapons above their head and walking off the field rather than dying. While this prevents the dead from being stepped on or otherwise interefering with the battle, it is technically against the wording of the rules. This behavior is usually not punished, as it can be beneficial.

Other people tend to sit or kneel while death, often with equipment still on their person. This can lead to confusion, and there is an ongoing discussion concerning this issue at

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