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Fighter Information


Name: Davlon
Actual Name:
Realm: Dur-Demarion
Unit: Vorshen
Primary Fighting Style:
Fighting Since:

Other Information

Squireship Essay

A knight is an exemplar of a dedicated Belegarth participant - someone who sees Belegarth and foam fighting as more than just a weekend hobby. They are invested in seeing the sport and community continue to grow in the best direction and into the future. Because of this, they are knowledgeable if not proficient in all aspects of Belegarth, understanding the roles and activities available to those that make up the community. They are someone that both the new and old can look to for support and when introducing others to the sport, they are the ones pointed to as the best representation of what the community can be.

In combat, they show skill and prowess with a variety of weapons/styles and are readily available and able to teach and help others improve their own technique. While on the field, they show good sportsmanship, fighting with honor and grace against opponents. Additionally, they can rally their teammates and are trusted to lead them through the fire and flames.

Off the field, they are able able to contribute knowledge and insight on various equipment, gear, trinkets and activities so they can relate and connect with those in the community less combat-inclined. They can help guide newer or other members on expanding their kits either by teaching skills to create or obtain items or participate in different activities.

They are seen as leaders in their realm, whether officially or not. Official realm leaders can rely on them to help as needed. whether it's to lead notable activities or do the grunt work through background tasks. They have the knowledge and experience to step into a role or task and accomplish it with little oversight. Knights readily share this experience and knowledge with others so they can help their realms and communities even if different than the knight's own.

A Knight is someone of honor, integrity and sportsmanship that can be held up as an example of a great member of the community. They have dedicated hard work and time to improving themselves, their realm and the Belegarth community as a whole. They continue all this and more without expecting recognition or praise in return.

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