Dark Guard of Mordor

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Dark Guard

The Dark Guard is an elite force of experienced fighters specializing in skirmish tactics. The unit was formed by Sir Argoth, Sir Klawz, and Sir Thorin in 2004 and is based in the realm of Numenor. While best operating as a detachment of skirmishers, its members can fit into any role on a battlefield with devastating results. Dark Guard has had a long standing alliance with Horde known as the Dark Alliance.

Group photo of Dark Guard at wolfpack opener '16

Nazghul: "' Sir Klawz, Kita, Sir Meno, Sir Sarif, Dagmar, Kabibbles

Wights: Kabibbles, Dagmar, Sir Sarif, Kabibbles, Sir Meno

Mordirrim: Nor, Bielert, Grak, Ferrin, Larkin, Ohanen Siafu, Zed, Kyle, Dathus, Mudd, Fjord

Former Members of the Dark Guard. Sir Gradamere, Sir Fittle, Kuba, and Talion

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