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Dal Að Vindar (Vally of the winds.)

Dal Að Vindar is a smaller section with warriors trained with no beck to any lord. We are a line that has been secluded in the cold mountains, hardened by the elements, and a tight knit group. We hold all styles of fighting, all manner of combatant, and most of all encourage all manners of training. Period speaking, we are refugee based. Of the four founders, two are European oriented in the styles of fighting, and historic referance, while two are Japanese in style and historic reference. The styles of fighting are largely close range, and lightly shield oriented. All fighters are trained in the ways of unarmored, unshielded combat, most fighting here finding it to be far more useful to dodge, and move than to hide behind armor or a shield. Here, we are all teachers, and all students. We move at he pace of the group, we follow the orders of the community, and we do not ever pull rank in commonplace practice. There are not knights, no heralds, or any other such thing, and we have no real standing. Of the hierarchy we have, there are 4 elders and the voice of the people. All decisions are made from a seniority consensus. All group may always supersede the rule of the eldest. It's founders were Kost, Draglon, Dragun, and Corum.



High in the mountains in the rockies, Casper Wyoming is in a bowl of hills and mountain ranges. to the south is the Casper mountain, to the east and west a flat stretch with hills making several valleys. Thus, all of these factors make for a hard, constant, chilly wind. This wind makes for strong warriors and stronger resolve. Dal Að Vindar is cold from late September to late April. As such it is largely an indoor fighting location. Fighting in the cold however is also not out of the question. We dress warm, dress heavy, and work to make our motions faster than the cold air can hinder. The air is also very thin, making it a prime training ground for all comers, so please, come and build your lungs.


(Training is not practice)

We in Dal Að Vindar do not follow every single letter of every single rule. And there is a good reason why we do not. Because in war, not every rule can be followed, and we do not imminently reprimand our players for reflex, or natural instincts. Swords must be at legal limit, or under elder vote that they may be used for a time. Wooden shields, boken, shinai, ratan SCA weapons, and metal shields for slow, no contact form sparing. It is important to use weight, and slow down now and then. Hand to hand sparring is also taught, using boxing gloves, foot protection, as well as touch only hits moving at half speed. this is to teach fighters foot work, mobility, circling, and how to nit fight on single lines. it also helps with fighting in circles rather than on lines. More than this it build cardio endurance, speed, and agility. Wrestling is also allowed, and encouraged, with full unarmed, non striking competitions being as well practiced in summer as weapon sparing. The cardio and full body work of wrestling helps with grip on weapons, opposing shields, and close range comfort. During any non weapon based sparring two referees are present to oversee the training. This is to keep any one player from loosing their cool, or hurting another. Basic rolling, falling, kneel walking, and sprawl are gone over as well.


Practices are held on Sundays, and any other days of convince. Sundays are held at Casper College starting at 11. There is not an end time, simply when the fighters have to leave, or when they can no longer fight. Practices are held under all Belegarth rules, save the following. Additional rulings: One on one fighters can elect to count head shots, multiple hits on limbs, or to have harder hits. Special games: Kill your killer, medics, juggernaut, line battles. Special weapons: Some weapons are in a gray zone. Konabo, Falx, Bec de Corbin. These weapons must pass a proper strike test, and be voted on by The elders and consensus.


(More soon) Kost (Founder)(Ax cat) Draglon (Founder)(Samuari wolf) Draglon_Silver@yahoo.co.uk (WIM) RyuJSilver XBL King Dregun (Elder)(speed cat) Corum (Elder)(Single weapon wolf) Bullfrog (Wolf pack) Ronan (Single weapons master) Oni (Shield master) Conan (First lineman)

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