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The Cult of Ropes is a unit formed to train new fighters brought in by Ropes, giving them a sense of fitting in when they go to their first major event and giving them a home until they move on to an actual unit later in their fighting career. The vast majority of CoR members are from Obsidian Hollow.

Members include

Brandon Marcial - Ropes

Anthony Rajkowski - Gearz

Aubree Hansen - Snuggleskunk

John Tom Stephan - Trice

Sam Stephan - Quincy

Derrick Wilson

Holly Wanek - Princess Hiragi

Joanna Gourley - Pandamoanyum

Kailyn Mather

Faith Aithie - Sailor Vader

Andrew Anderson

Aaron Kneipper

Tyler Sheeks

Jackson Bruns

Gerret Layoff

Tim McKenna - Ryees

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