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The Axe of CB


Slark Crushbone and the Hill of Rotting Corpses

In the times of Lord Revoko's reign over the the pink-skins, there was a time of oppression and hate for the green-skins and trolls alike. Outside of Revoko's castle was a hill that had hundreds of spikes in which he would kill monsters. During this oppression a warrior named Slark Crushbone, a Troll from just outside Revoko's castle, learned of this evil and gathered a small troop of warriors to take him down. Slarks younger brother Glorgok was one of the Trolls inside the castle, who didn't follow orders. During the "spiking" of Glorgok, in which Revoko personally attended, Slark sent his troops up the hill. The battle lasted for only a few minutes and the monsters were victorious, in which Slark had cut off Revoko's legs with his trusty war-axe and put him on a spike for himself.

Slark then marched into the castle and started to slay countless members of Revoko's council and party, he then cut-off arms and legs and nailed everyone to random doors across the town. He had all monsters use axes that were crafted specifically by himself. He then marched into the halls of Revoko's castle and found his wife, he did not harm her, he just threw her from atop a tower of the castle down into the streets.

Slark stayed inside this castle for 1 1/2 years, he had all his soldiers armed with shield and battle-axe. Finally the people didn't want a monster ruling. (He didn't do anything but sleep and eat things.) He did not necessarily hate pink-skins (Although, he had extreme dis-taste), but when they came to talk to him about something he wasn't doing, he'd kill them. The people rallied a small squad and convinced Slark there was a large one-eyed rabbit sent from the sun to kill him, in which case, he ran as fast he could to kill this rabbit. Not knowing there wasn't a rabbit, he ran to front gates and looked about. The villagers shot Slark right in the eye with an arrow, but this didn't slow him down. Slark pulled out his Waraxe and started to slay many of these people. In the end, he was no match for the numbers and they killed him.

Joining Crushbone:

You ask Spork to join, Spork tell you, you fight with Crushbone. Den after while, you find out you in Crushbone. Spork be Figure-head. We do sort of barrel thing, but we not sure what we call it.

We're a bit defunct now, so no need to worry about joining, as we don't exist.

Show you Crushbone:

Have a trusty X over your right eye and small belt flag that have the Crushbone axe! This show you be Crushbone!

Who allowed in Crushbone:

Any monster race found in Neldoreth or realms near by. We don't accept no pinkies, no vampires, and no undead members. Horde fighters allowed in Crushbone.


Current Members:
Spork the Conjurer - Night Goblyn (Quit)
Smog - Hobgoblyn
Undarr - Hat Troll
Gurtz - Ork
Morstorm - Skaven (Clan Pestilens)
Kraziks - Mountain Troll

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