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Belegarth Medieval Combat Society


Thatcher, Arizona

Total Members: ~25
Typical # at weekly practice: 15-20

Realm Officers

  • Exelar - President
  • Spike - Vice President
  • Camber - Secretary


  • Location: Thatcher City Park, corner of Reay Ln & Hwy 70
  • Summer months: Thursdays 6-8 PM
  • School months: Fridays 1-3 PM

Local Rules

1. We allow players ages 8+.
2. Players over 13, when fighting players under 13, should hit light.
3. "Red" (Class 2) weapons for ages 8-14 are min. 36"; min. 48"+ for ages 15 and up.
4. "Yellow" (Class 4) weapons (archery & javelins) are restricted: these weapons do not count vs. players under 13, and must be professionally built (no DIY) for users under 18 unless approved by realm leadership.
5. When a leg is lost, "posting" (standing without moving the hit leg) is allowed instead of kneeling.
6. If you hit someone in the head/neck, apologize and take death.

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