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Clan McClung

Blood Fire War Hate

Formed: Summer 2010


War Chief:



Liam (Yo$hi-Pop)

Micro-Pop (Gregor)




Metro-Pop (Kuuro)









Formed in the Summer of 2010 by Lachlan of The Crimson Fields, the Clan McClung is an order made up of men and women who share a common bond; a burning desire to be the best fighter they can be. Induction into the Clan is rare, and takes the form of a very literal adoption. Each person takes the last name McClung, to signify the solidarity between the individual clansmen. The Clan is an equal-opportunity organization, open to all races, alignments, and questionable personality quirks. If you are interested in joining the Clan, make clear your interest to any member. The Clan McClung is democratic in nature, and relies on discussion to settle any and all issues.


There are five ranks attainable in The Clan: Petitioner, Armiger, Councillor, Tehlach and War Chief.

Petitioner: You have made clear your wish to join the Clan. During this period, you will fight alongside us at weekend practices, and hang out with us afterward, if you so desire. We require this period to get to know you, decide how much we like you, and generally try to find a place for you in the Clan. The length of this period is at least four practices, and may be more, but never less. Armiger status will be awarded if, and only if, the petitioner receives a majority vote from the Clan in it's entirety, or of the Clan members present on the petitioner's home field plus at least 2 members of the Council.

Armiger: You have been accepted into the Clan. You are a blooded member, and have a say in all matters involving the Clan. You are now required to take the surname McClung. You may now challenge for War Chief, and nominate Tehlach or Petitioners. You may give orders to Petitioners on the battlefield, unless they directly contradict orders given by the War Chief. You will now be asked to attend any practices outside of weekend practice, barring IRL difficulties.

Tehlach: The non-combatant equivalent of an Armiger. This is not to say that Tehlach never fight, but that fighting is not their primary activity at practices or events. Given voting rights on certain issues only. Tehlach do not petition, nor do they barrel. Membership as Tehlach may only be awarded by War Chief after a Clan vote is taken. Tehlach may NOT challenge for War Chief, nor may they be voted in as War Chief. By their very nature as non-combatants, the position is unavailable to them.

Councillor: The Council consists of the five senior members of the Clan, and is presided over by the War Chief.

War Chief: Leader of the Clan. The War Chief does not rule, he serves. The War Chief's responsibilities include making sure waivers are kept current, seeing that everyone has sufficient garb, making sure Clan members have rides to events and practices, inducting new members, training and outfitting new members, and leading the Clan during battle. Any Armiger may challenge for War Chief, with the sponsorship of one or more Councillors. The Challenger must defeat the War Chief 2 out of 3 times using the weapon discipline of his or her choice, and 2 out of 3 times in a randomly drawn weapon discipline. Should a current War Chief be shirking his or her duty, and consistently failing to meet the standards that the Council expects, he or she may be asked to step down by a group of no less than 4 Armigers plus at least 1 Councillor, with the majority support of the Clan in it's entirety. Should the War Chief comply and resign, a new War Chief will be chosen by appointment by the Council. Should the War Chief decline to step down, the Council will hold a vote. Should the Council vote to depose the current War Chief, he or she must step down or be stripped of rank and expelled from the Clan. The Council will then appoint a new War Chief.

Decorations or Titles may be awarded by the War Chief in honor of certain achievements. This is entirely at the War Chief's discretion.

McClung G' Brath!

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