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Chimera flag

Chimera was founded by Tularen, Maverick, Swerv, and A'Layl in Numenor 2006.



To promote fun, safe, and honorable fighting.


We see difficult situations as a challenge, or if anything, a learning experience. We avoid politics and hierarchies the best that we can, yet stay involved in the society.

"As individuals we are animals, but together we are a beast!" ~Swerv

Current Realms Inhabited

Member's of Chimera

  • Tularen (joined 2006, currently active)
  • Maverick (joined 2006, currently active)
  • Swerv (joined 2006, currently active)
    • Crixus inactive (joined 2010, retired 2013)
    • IpMan (joined 2010, retired 2016)
      • Cello (joined 2012, retired 2014)
    • Kiro (joined 2010, currently active)
    • Angelus (joined 2011, retired 2014)
    • Edge (honorary 2013, retired 2014)
    • DaggerToe (joined 2015, retired 2017)
  • A'Layl (joined 2006, retired???...He disappeared.)
Chimera at Oktfest 2015: DaggerToe, Tularen, Swerv, Kiro, Ipman, Maverick
Chimera at Oktfest 2014: Swerv, Tularen, Kiro
Chimera at Oktfest 2013: Ipman, Tularen, Crixus, Kiro, Swerv, Maverick, Edge
Chimera at Oktfest 2012: Tularen, Maverick, Cello, Kiro, Ipman
Chimera at Oktfest 2011: Ipman, Swerv, Tularen, Kiro
Chimera at Oktfest 2010: Angel, Swerv, Tularen, Crixus, Ipman, Kiro

See also, Teen boy squad.

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