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The CARA Belt Flag, Courtesy of Xiao

The Chicago Area Realm Association (CARA) is a loose off-field alliance between the Chicagoland Realms and Madison. CARA is not meant to be a battlefield alliance; rather, the idea is for each of the incorporated realms to look out for one another, bolster each other's practice numbers and run the Chicago Mini Events smoothly. Additionally, as new realms spring up over time, members of the Chicago Area Realm Association will help newer fighters become aquainted with the sport and help keep these new realms afloat.

Currently, the Chicago Area Realm Association includes
Dunharrow, based in Elgin, DeKalb and Sycamore
Loderia, based in Yorkville
Muxlovia, based in Romeoville
Rhun based in Madison
Khador based in Rockford
The Slums of Shaolin, based in Chicago itself

Stay tuned, CARA will be visiting a Realm near you.

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