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'Purpose:' A revival of The Crimson Armada, Carach Angren is a small club who trains at Wisconsin Lutheran College on a regular basis. Lead by Sven Skallekross, Carach Angren focuses on teaching actual fighting techniques as they would have been used historically. Drawing from armistices, treaties, illustrated guides, and old Norse Eddas, they use martially relevant bio-mechanics and work to restore historicity and realism to the fighting style of many full contact fighting games including Belegarth, Amtgard, and Dagohir. The name, Carach Angren, comes from the J.R.R. Tolkien work, The Complete History of Middle Earth, and translates roughly to "Jaws of Death." After fighting this martially trained and conditioned team, the name will make much more sense. They excel at battle with many different weapons and can each pick up any weapon/martial technique and fight any other weapon/martial technique with some level of expertise. This system is treated as a local pride for the members with belt sashes indicating conquered styles and weapons. If encountering a WLC Warrior from Carach Angren who has many belt sashes, you may want to call in your shield brother, you will need him.

'Members:' Sven Skallekross

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