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The Black Swan


Located in Cuyahoga Falls, The Black Swan is a new Unit led by Inioch and Wu Fey. Still kind of Realm-less, The Black Swan considers themselves a unit of Rausumea.

The Black Swan currently have an open-enrollment policy to gain members who consider themselves the good bad guys, or "Lawful Evil". We practice Thursdays and Fridays from 5:00pm to Dark at Linden Park ( in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio.


Wu Fey

Why should I join Black Swan?

We're the group everybody hates to love. We're the good bad guys, the anti-heroes, the lawful evil. We're the group that when seen alone or together people take a second look. We're pirates and ninjas, card sharks and odd stackers, we'll save your life...Or take it depending on who's paying most. In all our two timing, we're brothers in arms. We're family and best friends. If you bear the mark of the Swan you're treated like blood. In the Black Swan you're accepted, welcomed and liked (In all your vices).

For more information you can visit The Black Swan's website at

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