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I would like to add a General Weapons Category on this page, That way, people could find definitions and examples of weapons by name. i.E. Joe Newbie doesn't have a clue what a halberd is, so Joe Newbie goes to the General Weapons page immediately(or Weapon Types, or whatever yall want it named) and looks for halberd. there, he will find a text definition, a picture, and BoW rules regarding such weapon (or at least a link to the BoW section regarding it), as well as a link to a basic construction method of the weapon in the Weapons Construction category. This would also be a great place to put the Fantasy weapons FAQ. I am more than happy to put extra time into filling the blanks on this. As you can see, I've been pretty busy up to this point as it is. So what do you say, think it's a good idea?Cy Na'quil 01:07, 1 November 2005 (EST)

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