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The XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms (aka Heavyarms or Gundam Zero-Three) was the third of Operation Meteor's five Gundams. Created by Doktor S while hiding in the L3 colony cluster, it was designed with maximum firepower in mind. Literally a walking arsenal.

Developed by Gundam Scientist Doktor S, the Heavyarms was developed in the L3 Colonies under the financial support of the Barton Foundation. The design concept of the Heavyarms was for it to have an extraordinary amount of guns: a heavy fire role. In the case that the Heavyarms uses up all its ammo, it features a retractable army knife on its right arm to engage enemies in close combat; while this made it the least close-combat capable Gundam of the 5 units, the lethality of its attack should still not be underestimated. When its beam Gatling is not in use, it can be stored on the backpack.

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