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Bathory's Horde Skull
Horde Camp.jpg

Name: Báthory Bloodeater, War Maytan Ov The Lost River, Black Tundra Horde Loyal Hobgoblyn

Realm: Rath

Unit: Horde Barrelled in the Year Of Pain, Tuesday July 24th, Chaos Wars XVI 2012

Race: Hobgoblyn

Fighting Since: 2011

Favorite Weapon Style: Shield and smash

Horde Win!
Barrell Fight with Soo
Monster Of The End Times

A creature spawned of hate, pizza, Slayer, and brutality... A vile pungent stench second only to his Twin Brother Ox The Maytan of Eternal Stench... A hobgoblyn of wretch and demonic blood magykz, whose black heart beats for the Horde, and the destruction of all weak-flesh

Dat wuz Bathory


Events Attended:

Monster Of The End Times
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