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Barghest(Left) and Sir Argent(Right)

Mundane Name: Pax Farrell

Battle Name: Barghest (Bar-Guest)

  • Barg
  • Started fighting 2015
  • Started eventing 2015


Realm: Rhun

Unit: House Hellhammer

Race: Human


Background Joined the sport when my coworkers Stix, Kayle, and Martok invited me out after work in the summer of 2015 the week before Rhun in June. I had just a great time I bought garb and a weapon and six days later went to my first event. I take a lot of joy helping to run events and will often be seen in toll, heralding, weapons checking. I love to teach what I know and learn what I can. I was picked up as a Squire by Sir Argent in 2019 and after the pandemic and a season medical leave from the sport have been continuing under Sir Killian.

Character story


Stix(Left) Barghest(right)
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