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banal geist

realm N/A

real name : scott bradley

unit : mannagarm

affiliations : Camhalta Fianna

years fighting : 5

prefered weapon : red sword

history: born as myer link at an uknown time and location he was abandoned as a child when his parents died of plague. he and his brother dyne link seemed to be immune. fate seperated them shortly after their parents death. myer link grew up in the woods scavenging for food and learning how to survive the wilderness. at the age of 21 myer link entered into a small village that had been ravaged by the plague. the only person to be found alive in the village was his lost brother dyne. as they were leaving the village they were captured by the survivors who had fled to a cave in the woods. they were beaten and were branded with the marks of pestilence and left for dead. they both survived and vowed to take revenge on all man-kind.

in their journeys they met gavin mac lund who introduced them to the fianna. the brothers joined up and fought on the side of the fianna for a few years.during this period myer was married to luna, a forest spirit. their vow for revenge was hampered by the fianna and the three of them went their own way.

myer seperated from luna and dyne and headed to a remote farm in order to procure a few needed supplies and a place to stay. unfortunatly myer never made it to the farm. after a few days luna and dyne came to check on him and found his body in a shallow grave near the farm. they dug him up and vowed to serve the northern wolf mannagarm in return for revenge and myers life. the newly resurrected myer changed his name to banal geist and set out with his friends to spill enough human blood in mannagarm's name to drown the sun at ragnarok and seek revenge.

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