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Seized from the Elves in 2005, the Kingdom of Avondale is now ruled by Zzyzx, Vo'Kor, and Dan*. Avondale is located in just north of Nashville,click here for map. The site offers 3 acres of land for events, practices, and bonfires and a 5 BR house for parties and indoor events, the details of which are not appropriate to post on the Wiki. =)

Contacts for Avondale

Zzyzx: James F
Vo'Kor: Patrick O'Shea, 615-491-1364, bigpoppap@gmail.com

Next Avondale Event

  • APRIL 21 - 23, 2006: Dur-Demarion Opener Weekend Party = BIG WEEKEND in Nashville, ALL REALMS WELCOME! - ask for the time off now, it will be well worth the trip!!

3 Days Packed with Fighting, Partying, Debauchery, Shame, Remorse, Hot Action, and more Fighting!
- Friday: Nashville Katz Arena Football Halftime Demonstration
- Saturday: Not for the timid, yet another legendary Avondale party. Pics from last party (New Years) below.
- Sunday: Hard fighting in the Dur-De South at the Dur-Demarion Opener

Past Avondale Events

*ruled by, as in, the rent is paid by Zzyzx, Vokor, and Dan. Ask about becoming a Lord of Avondale with easy monthly payments!

  • Sadly, Avondale has been taken back by stinking pink-things, but at least we still have memories... and some of the pinkies' spleens to chew on*
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