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Auri, The 1/8 Master

Race: Pixies

Current Realm: Abraxas

Unit: None

Handedness: Yep!!!

Fighting Preference: Florentine

Started Fighting: 2018

Character Lore

I may be small but I can pack a punch. I was born and raised in the forests so I can be sneaky when sneaks are needed and chop down people like trees. I befriended a horse named Onyx and rode with her through the forests, in her mane. You can sometimes spot me dancing around in the trees. One day I made friends with a man journeying through the forest and we would talk about where he was from to pass the time. One day he rode away to the big castle he had told me about . I decided that I wanted to follow him and see what it was like for myself. There were people training with swords, and arrows, and spears, and a great many things. I was very intrigued by them. So I decided to make a pair of swords for myself, but not of their disgusting metal. One of morning dew, the other of midnight fog kissed by the Moon, and fight alongside these people.

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