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"Losing is only a step toward getting stronger."

Real Name: Billy Rohm

Started Fighting: 2007 March

Realm: Valrim

Fighting Style: Sword and board


Atticus at Summer Slaughter (Orin on the right)


Atticus in his old garb with his fat sword.


Atticus first started doing Belegarth with Nibenon and Skodus, who had discovered Belegarth through the internet. Due to lack of active groups around them, they had to start fresh and build their own group.

After several months, the Lowlands Belegarth realm revived itself and began hosting their own practices. Atticus began attending these practices as well, where he really began to learn from Lowlands members such as TeeDge, To'gur, Shoonz, Maude, Tyr, and others.

Eventually, after the Lowlands practices finally disappeared, Atticus practiced only with the local group, Valrim, which currently fights at Lake Colby Park.

His preferred style is sword and board, and he detests armor and huge shields.

Atticus was squired, along with Nibenon, by Sir Shub-Felty at Summer Slaughter '09, on August 15th.

Biggest Fighting Influences



Events Attended

Winters Night '08

Animosity II '09

Summer Slaughter '09

Frostbane '09

Ragnarok XXV

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