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Athyina on the field at Okfest 2019 in her true changeling form garb.


Battle Name

Athyina Nyhtë (A-thee-na Night)

Real Name



  • Introduced to BMCS Easter 2017
  • Started fighting May 2018
  • Formed Unit (Now Realm) Shukai May 31st, 2018




Shūkai 2018-

Event Attendance


Background First found out about Belegarth under Dur Demarion at MTAC (Middle TN Anime Convention) 2017. She had no idea about realms, units, races, etc. until a year later, and so counts that she first officially started fighting May of 2018. May 31st 2018 her realm Shukai was formed with a handful people. The Unit counted themselves to be apart of Dur Demarion, but due to living 3 hours from their field they later decided to create their own realm for practicality reasons, this happened May 2019.

During this time she also created the official lore for the changelings. Kraesh created the race, but Athyina established it. She has been working on building a website for easy access for curious fellows.

Character race Changeling

Character story

Athyina was raised by wood elves in the far west of the continent. Around the ages of 13-14 she started shifting and realized she was in fact not an elf as she had been raised previously to believe. The elves she was raised by then outcasted her, and eventually she left the forests to journey on her own. She wanted to figure out who, and what, she actually was. Her search led to remnants on the coast. She found the ruins of an old changeling tribe Blaue Wasser. From her findings she was able to learn about a much larger tribe that had been just east of a large river, and so she journeyed toward the ruins. On her way she ran into another young changeling by the name of Ajax. Like herself he was just getting to the age of shifting, and so the two journeyed the rest of the way together. Those who met the two called the the Changeling Siblings. Together they crossed the large river and found the ruins of the great tribe Grundar. Underneath the large ruins there was a burial chamber where millions of scrolls were hidden. They found out about the Massacre of Grundar and the great fall of changeling tribes. Athyina made it her goal to find other changelings, lost like herself, and share the truth of their forgotten culture. Not long after she and her sibling had this feeling that led them to a cherry blossom tree in the field surrounded by more woods. Turns out both her and the young changeling Ajax had a further history in their blood. Six-hundred years prior a Vulx had turned a whole civilization against itself, and then was cursed for eternity by the human king at the time. His spirit had lived in the sword all this time waiting for the six beings whose ancestors had been in the conflict to reunite. These six then formed the Realm of Shukai, The Gathering of all who were lost and to bring about a better future than their ancestors had left. Now, she balances her journeys between finding changelings while helping her new family of misfits set up a home among the homeless.


Mottos or sayings

Together We Rise Way of the Warrior

First time in full changeling garb at Shukai Field
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