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  • Name: Astio of Nastrand( Or, Franklin M. Stone)
  • Fighting since: August, 16th of 2009
  • Location: Mattoon, Illinois
  • Race: Human, naturally.
  • Realm: Nastrand
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Two-handed blue & Shield - Red - Two-handed blue& Red
  • Age: Seventeen
  • Brother-in-arms and rival: Kur of Nastrand
  • Guy Who Just Pisses Me Off To Fight Yet I Must Do So Or Else I Will Go Insane Because He Cheats With His Damn Duel-Wielding Ass: Conri

Special thanks to Hex, and Brick, for showing me various tricks. And to the rest of the Nastrand!

About me, and stuff

I'm just Franklin Stone, standard High School Junior who really just wants to quit school, yet continues due to a feeling of fun except for English. Hah, stupid English. I love to do math, and I bloody enjoy writing(Which makes no sense, as I hate English.)stories based on characters me and my best mate make up (T.J, mah bro!). I'm a big gamer, and I love Belegarth with a passion way too much. I got no job, waiting until I finish school for that. I'm a big guy, too. 6'1" and 307lbs. So, yeah. I'm pretty fat compared to the rest of my Realm. Ah, damn skinny people... Thanks to everyone who helped me out,especially Hex. Thanks, mate. You're a nice fellow, and you red like a beast! Haha.

History of the Young Astio

Some months ago in the beautiful month that is August, a friend of mine began to talk about a form of "Really nerdy fighting at the park" and I said " Nerdy!? I'm nerdy. Fighting!? I love fighting!" And thus, I ventured to the park that sunday to see what exactly was going on with this form of fighting of the most nerdy sort. I came about a few of my old friends, names of which I so hardly remember now. They were all clashing arms with one another with a gracious sort of brutality, it was captivating to me. And, thus, I promptly asked to partake in this vicious form of fun. I was accepted, and took the first steps unto becoming the man I am now.

My name would not come yet, two weeks of our fighting passed before I had decided upon a name. My brother, T.J. Nobody, had entered this noble quest with me, his name being chosen along as mine. At that, my old name was lost, and my new self was born. Astio, son of none. T.J. Nobody followed me, born into a new world as Kur. Astio and Kur! Brothers-in-arms, both equal in talent at this time, but nay, this would not last.

I noticed it slowly, Kur had began to show more prowess with his combat than I, his skills gaining at a rate that I could not match. My brother, my rival! This could not last, no! I refused, I must improve my combat. I understood, then, that I choose to fight as everyone else did. That was not something I came naturally too, unfortunately. I could not help it, it was not my strength. Shield and sword, the fundamental techniques of combat...Something I lacked. I could not make up with two swords, such as Conri, nor could I rely to win through a single blue. A great wall, I faced.

Winter came, and my mind was set. I had decided, I knew what must be done. I had taken to swinging a large pole to improve my arm strength. Twenty minutes to each arm, in added up rapidly. Followed by multiple laps, and other forms of physical work. My mind was set: Kur will not surpass me, Astio, Son of None!

After the work, and winter had passed, we met in beautiful weather. My body was stronger, my mind was clear. My right arm drew upon a large sword, one as tall as myself, belonging to my mentor, Hex, founder of Nastrand. And my left drew close to defend my marvelous sword, my first sword. With my mind focused, I began to fight, my body finding natural talent to the weapon, my strength improved to wield such weapons. The meet ended, my victories few, but my skill refined. All left, but Conri and I. We squared off, and clashed weapons into the night, winning on both side many times. As we parted, I grinned. "Astio, Son of None...Is reborn again!"


"Red!" - Astio
"Fuckin' skinny people..." - Astio

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