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Ashera at Mel 2016 being fancy goblyn

Started fighting: September 2003
Title(s): N/A
Realm: Tir Asleen
Current Status: Combatant
Unit: Horde - Awakened Year of Destruction at Melcaorme 2017
Race: Goblyn - Gods: Skribbit, Melashekhaad and Sifu
Fighting Since: September 2003 Goblin since 2005
Favorite Weapon Style: Sword and Board, Gypsy attacks, yelling
Skills: Belly dancing, drumming

Being a goblyn of the Broken Bones Tribe Ashera delves into the majiks of the bones, while also being a Feral for Horde under the Hat Troll Jesus.


Ashera its thought to be friendly by the Lizard Folk being nice and docile, until they brought her near knives. Needless to say they never let her go near knives again.

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