Ashe of Dur Demarion

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Full Name: Ashe Corvin

Unit: The Lost

Houses: Deathrisen

Home Realm: Dur-Demarion

Fighting Since: Summer of Winter 2016

Race: Morrikyyn

Fighting Style: Focused Shield Flail 2017, Focused Spear 2018, Also Florentine, Archery. Hes got a Rock.

Garb and Leather: Black simple garb , Fully Armored Black Knight

Events Attended

Beltane, 2018

Dur Demarion Home Opener, 2018

Sage Hill's Dog Days, 2018 (First Concussion)

Oktoberfest, 2017

Equinox, 2017

Sage Hill's Dog Days, 2017

Beltane, 2017

Dur Demarion Home Opener, 2017

Sage Hill's Orcs and Oubliettes, 2017

Sage Hill's Sage Jam, 2016

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