Artemis the Huntress

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Full Name: Artemis the Huntress

AKA: Artemis

Real Name: Vicki

Age: as of today, 20

Realm: Dun Abhon

Since: June 2008

Fighting Style: Florentine

I've been fighting on and off since being introduced to belegarth by Matthias of Dun Abhon. I love hanging out with my realm members and we get into some great fights. I'm small, fast on my feet, and i've been told i fight like a berserker. I attack suddenly and quickly with both swords, and hope to kill you before you hit me. It tends to work about half the time, but it always guarantees a very short fight.

Outside Belegarth: I work at the Kentucky Highlands Renaissance Festival, in Eminence Ky. I'm on cast and my character is Lady Matilda Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce, king of all Scotland! I love when people come to the faire and play with us. My other hobbies are books, video games, and lots of sewing. I consider myself a very accomplished seamstress and have outfitted all my friends.

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