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for the female Artemis see The Last Unicorn

Day of Knighting, 1998. Photo by Treethump
Summer 1998
Fall 1998
Sir Artemis and Sir Baldrick of Numenor, Chaos Wars II - 1998

Sir Artemis Entreri

Realm: Numenor

Units: Knights of Numenor

Real name: Jeff

Started Fighting: July 1993

Knighted: June 1998, squired under Sir Baldrick.

Artemis is Jeff's original persona. When he began fighting at the age of 14, he was named Artemis because of his tendency to backstab one of Numenor's fighters, Drizz't. Drizz't's friends, Treethump, Skimbal, and Algarve, as a joke, said that the scrawny new fighter should be named for Drizz't's arch-enemy from R.A. Salvatore's books. The joke stuck, and so did the name.

In 2008, Jeff dropped his Artemis persona to begin his new realm, Rhovanion. Since no one in Bloomington would know the story about Drizz't, he took a new name. He now fights under the name Beren Fellspear.

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