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Fighter Information

Full Name: Apteryx Light-Foot

Mundane name: Robin Little

Greatest Moment

Realm: Thunder Guard

Unit: Horde - Awakened at Chaos Wars XX, Year of Pain

Race: Tengu

Tribe: Broadwing

Primary Fighting Style: Sword and board, confusing opponent, chasing down clumsy pinkies

Fighting Since: April 2015 That's this many!

Additional Information

"With the agility of a partridge, and the fighting ability of the kiwi bird, I shall mow down all who stand before me assuming they are sufficiently shorter, slower, and have a phobia of large birds."

Born the second child, Apteryx quickly noted early on in life how much his parents and the rest of the tribe doted on his older sister, Cristatus Silvertongue, who used her charisma to wrap everyone around her little talon. Over time Apteryx become increasingly fed-up with how unfair his position was; he was made to work the fields while his sibling had her every wish and whim handed to her on a platter (often literally). One day Cristatus demanded he bring her a nice fish to snack on as her difficult duties as first-born were quite taxing and had mad her hungry. This was the breaking point for young Apteryx. He hid one of the ribs from the fish within his feathers and after bringing her the remainder of the fish, buried the rib in her back before she could ask him why there was a large gaping hole in her meal. Realizing what he had done Apteryx explained what had occurred to his parents bringing his sister's pelt as proof, however instead of promoting him to his older sister's place as would be expected, they become very upset and angry with Apteryx. "HOW COULD YOU" they screamed. In death their love for Cristatus grew even stronger, strong enough for them to ignore the caste system and deny Apteryx his rightful place in the family.

And so Apteryx fled, he used his impeccable agility and speed to steal some supplies and weapons from the local blacksmith and he leaped and glided for as long as he could Eventually while brooding along the shoreline he spotted a merchant ship not far off, and a smaller boat on the shore the crew must have used to come ashore. Thinking quickly he sneakily approached the smaller vessel where only two pinkies were to be seen. Weaving around boulders he came up behind the larger of the two and stabbed him through and out the other side. Before removing his weapon (and in the process immediately killing the man) he peered over his shoulder to look at the other human who was still trying to comprehend what was going on. "Let's go." Apteryx told him, eyes as cold as ice. Apteryx removed his sword from the first man, and let him fall over the side of the boat, cracking his already lifeless skull on the rocks. The second man regaining control of his senses and keeping a weary eye on the young Tengu's sword began to row back towards the main vessel, where Apteryx demanded they allow him to stay on the ship until which time he deemed it fit to leave. Not wanting to aggravate the clearly crazy creature in front of them they agreed, whilst plotting killing him in his sleep of course. Spending as much time as possible high on the mast of the ship where the crew were unable to reach him, and using his inherent stealth to obtain food during the nights, he survived long enough for them to reach a dock, where Apteryx promptly left without a word (Though he did take some tasty snacks).

He has since spent his life wandering, stealing what he needs, killing those who threaten him, as well as those who others will pay him to do so. He is a bit of a hoarder and likes to keep little trophies from his various adventures, more often than not this means incorporating various body parts into his attire.

Most recently he has come across a wise and strong Kobold by the name of Kodite who noted his... less than fantastic fighting skills, and seeing potential, offered to take the young Tengu under his scaly arm and show him how to git gud. The friendly Kobold has offered to bring Apteryx into Horde, which appears to be a haven for non-pinkies such as he. There he has met more Tengu who like him, have found their way off of Okah. He has also become good pals with a strange mechanical Goblyn named Hippo, and greatly enjoys turning dirty pinkies into paste alongside him.

Events Attended

Giants Awakening V 2015

Oktoberfest 2015

Armageddon 2016

Chaos Wars 2016

Giants Awakening VI 2016

Oktoberfest 2016

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